Make Your Own Bible Board Game

In addition to the ready-made games and puzzles available on this site, you may like to make your own game so that you can drill particular aspects of the Bible lessons you've been working on.

Making your own games is easy and fun - and the kids love to help. You can create them completely from scratch, or use my generic game board template and add your own questions.

Asking your Sunday School students to prepare the questions is a very effective learning technique, requiring the students to read through the selected Bible passages carefully, synthesize the material, and pick out key points to form into questions. They can write the questions directly onto the playing cards, or, for a more professional look, they could write them on a piece of paper and you could type them up to copy and paste onto the playing cards before printing. Make sure they include the Bible reference for each question. You will need to check the questions and answers before playing the game with your class.

Create your own Bible game the easy way. Simply paste in your questions and print!